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This policy applies to all individuals who use university resources.
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Academic Vice President
Responsible University Office:
Copyright Licensing Office
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October 14, 2002
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Copyright Policy

4 April 2016


Brigham Young University (BYU) expects members of the BYU community to exhibit personal integrity and honor, as reflected in the Church Educational System Honor Code. This expectation includes respecting the rights of copyright owners and refraining from actions that constitute copyright infringement. As an institution of higher education, BYU has an interest in both the protection of copyrighted works for creators and the use of copyrighted works in the daily pursuit of learning, discovery, and engagement.

Members of the BYU community who make use of copyrighted works are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable copyright laws. In some cases, individuals may be required to determine whether a desired use qualifies for one or more exemptions set forth under copyright law, such as fair use.

The BYU Copyright Guidelines assist members of the BYU community in complying with federal copyright law and distinguishing between permitted and prohibited uses of copyrighted works. Members of the BYU community are expected to become familiar with and follow these guidelines. The BYU Copyright Licensing Office is available as a resource to members of the BYU community on copyright issues.

Members of the BYU community who willfully disregard this Copyright Policy or the BYU Copyright Guidelines place themselves individually at risk of legal action and may incur personal liability for their conduct. The unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject individuals to civil and criminal liabilities, including actual and statutory damages, costs and fees of litigation, fines, and imprisonment. In appropriate circumstances (as defined in 17 U.S.C. § 512(i)), the university may terminate access to its computer network and other technology resources provided to any user or account holder who is deemed to be a repeat copyright infringer. Violations of the Copyright Policy may result in university disciplinary action including termination of university enrollment or employment.

The BYU Intellectual Property Policy provides information regarding copyright ownership of original works created by BYU employees or students.